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Jamaican Desserts: 3 Easy Bake Traditional Favourites

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Jamaican Desserts: 3 Easy Bake Traditional Favourites

You may have already fallen in love with iconic dishes from tropical Jamaica, like jerk chicken or salt fish and ackee, but have you ever managed to save room for dessert?

This vibrant Carribean island's cuisine is an exciting fusion of influences that harness the wealth of tropical fruits and flavours and the same applies when it comes to traditional Jamaican desserts.

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There's a hearty array of traditional Jamaican desserts to choose from based on sunripened local fruits, sweet vegetables and spices. From coconut to sweet potatoes and cinnamon to nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla and cocounut milk the Jamaican pantry is perfectly suited to dessert time.

Here are three easy to make sun filled favourites to get a taste of Jamaica.

Have you tried cooking any of these? let us know in the comments ...

Traditional Jamaican Desserts


These open pastry tarts are also known as "pinch-me-round" for their crimped crispy pastry shell. Inside you'll find a delicious sweet and spiced coconut filling. 

Gizzarda are also very easy to bake, meaning even the least accomplished bakers will be able to enjoy that sweet sticky filling in under an hour.

Try making up a batch with the help of this gizzada recipe from Inside Journeys




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Duckanoo otherwise known as Tie-a-leaf and blue drawers is another traditiona Caribbean dessert made from batata, cornmeal (optional), coconut, spices and brown sugar, all tied up in a banana leaf parcels and cooked in boiling water.

Try this recipe for duckanoo from inside journeys


Jamaican Sweet Potato Pudding Recipe


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This satisfying sweet dessert showcases the mighty sweet potato, in an unctous cake laced with white rum, and perfect for feeding a crowd.

It's also very easy to bake, using the all in one method - here's the Jamaican sweet potato pudding recipe from my island Jamaica



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