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Jam, Jelly and Chutney: 5 Must-Try Recipes

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Jam, Jelly and Chutney: 5 Must-Try Recipes
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If you are the type who enjoys preserving fruit, you'll love these recipes for homemade jam, jelly and chutney. Make sure you have some mason jars on hand and arm with yourself with these canning tips before you begin your jam session.

Chili Jam (pictured above)

This delectable savoury jam is made with both chilies and peppers. It's laced with ginger and makes a great addition to a cheese plater.

Wild Apple Jelly

You'll need just three ingredients to make this great but simple recipe. If you can't find wild apple juice at your local grocery store, use organic apple juice instead. 

Plum and Walnut Jam

Walnuts turn up the volume of this humble plum jam. They add texture, flavor and a bit of umami that balances the sweetness. 

Strawberry-Peppercorn Jelly

Green peppercorns add a bit of bite to this otherwise sweet strawberry jelly. It's an exciting twist that makes this a great holiday gift for foodies.

Ginger-Plum Chutney 

Caramelized shallots are the base of this exciting plum chutney recipe. A dash of cayenne pepper and a little bit of ginger round out its flavor.

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