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Here's What To Do If You Get Jalapeno in The Eye

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Here's What To Do If You Get Jalapeno in The Eye

I work with chilies every single day of my life. Nope, I’m not exaggerating. It comes with the territory when you marry an Indian. Although I’m extremely careful to not touch my eyes during the cooking process I recently got jalapeño juice in the eye. Ouch!

This type of emergency calls for quick action and here are two of my favorite remedies just in case you end up with jalapeño in your eye (or any other type of chili for that matter).

What To Do If You Get Jalapeno In The Eye

Method #1

Plain cow’s milk is great for combating the heat of chilies. Wash your hands thoroughly then soak a cotton ball in cold milk and place it over your affected eye. You could also dip your fingers in a bit of milk.

This method works because capsaicin, the substance that’s responsible for the heat in chili peppers, is fat soluble and gets broken down by dairy.

The only downside is that it can get a little messy (although putting a cotton ball soaked in cold milk is quite refreshing). I prefer the next method or using a combination of both.

Method #2 

Wash your hands with dish soap very well. Use a nail brush, if at all possible, to clean under the nails and rub your fingertips. Then wash the affected eye with baby shampoo - don’t use the pads of your fingers!

Instead, make a fist and wash your eye with the back of your hand, using the back of the index finger to rub your eye. Repeat. Then use a saline rinse in your eye. You should feel instant relief.

What do you do when you get jalapeño or chili juice in the eye? Do you have any tips to share? Tell us on Facebook!

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