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Jack Daniel's Releases White Whiskey

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Jack Daniel's Releases White Whiskey
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Whiskey as we know it has a golden brown hue, doesn't it?

Well, the folks at Jack Daniel's have been tinquering with their formula and have released a unique blend: a clear-colored Unaged Rye Whiskey.

Since the whiskey is bottled right after distillation (without the need to be trasferred into aging barrels) it retainis its original color. Jack Daniels used to sell this type of whiskey back before the Prohibition Era (1922-1933) but hasn't ever since.

The aroma if this new Jack Daniel's blend is "surprisingly sweet" with ''loads of fresh fruit notes—banana, raspberry, cherry—and sweet honeyed grain," according to Serious Eats.

The Jack Daniel's Unaged Rye Whiskey will be available for purchase in Tennessee in December and distributed elsewhere in early 2013.

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