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Euro 2016 Italy v Germany: Iconic Foods Go Head to Head

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Euro 2016 Italy v Germany: Iconic Foods Go Head to Head

As Italy and Germany go head to head on the pitch in the quarter-finals of the European Championships 2016, we step inside their respective kitchens and pit their iconic dishes against each other where it really matters; on the table.

Will Italy's iconic dishes speak volumes about a country that takes its food as seriously as its sport, or will Germany's no nonsense approach in the kichen translate on the pitch?

As tensions build for the players our thoughts turn to our stomachs as we try to answer these pressing questions.

Italy v Germany in Iconic Dishes

1. Iconic Dishes – Spaghetti Carbonara v Spatzle

On the left, Italy's beloved dish of spaghetti carbonara. Creamy, cheesey laden spaghetti al dente with salty morsels of pancetta – will this be the winning food of champions or the consolatory prize of a team catching the bus home? On the right, Germany's ultimate comfort food, a hearty bowl of unctuous soft noodles known as spatzle, inside a decadent sauce. Perfect to soak up those celebratory beers or to commiserate with a hug from the inside? You decide.

2. Iconic Drinks – Franciacorta v Beer

Come the final whistle what will be the tipple of choice of the celebratory nation. Will the corks be popping in Italy with a sparkling 'brindisi' and 'salute' all round, or will there be chinking of chilled glasses of beer and 'prost'. Whichever it is, the victors will need to keep a clear head as they enter the semi-finals.

3. Iconic Desserts – Tiramasu v Black Forest Gateau

Come dessert time will the game still be anyone's? Will it be Germany's iconic cherry–laden dark chocolate and cream that says 'winner' or a consolatory slice for the journey home, or will the espresso and amaretto–laden 'tiramasu' be used by a nation to 'pick them up' or give them a sweet taste of home as they shoot for victory?

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