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3 New Ways to Drink Prosecco this Summer

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3 New Ways to Drink Prosecco this Summer
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Italian prosecco is top of the pops when it comes to our choice of fizz, and sales continue to soar for the comparatively inexpensive sparkling wine that can only be produced in certain areas of Italy. But with so much prosecco around, how will the good times keep rolling?

This seems to have been the question at the forefront of many a marketing mind recently. In fact, so much so that prosecco drinking is having a fun new spin put on it.

For those that prosecco means party time, here are a few fun ideas to jazz up your drink and still be the talking point of the party. Purists, look away now ... 

Prosecco Ice Pops

Last year we picked up on cocktail driven boozy ice pops or poptails, this year it's the turn of the prosecco ice pop. U.K.-based company Pops came out with a line of frozen treats featuring Champagne a while back, have now added a Bellini popsicle (prosecco and peach) to the menu and Instagrammers are all over them.

Calling it “The world’s first Prosecco Ice Popsicle” each Bellini popsicle is reported to contain half a glass of real prosecco, a splash of peach schnapps and blood oranges and hibiscus flowers with 3.8% ABV for a mild alcoholic kick.


Blue Prosecco

Blue wine already had a moment last year when Spanish company Gik released their blue grape juice to mixed reviews and some pretty upset wine producers. This year Saraceni Wines have made an Italian Blue Sparkling Wine from Prosecco grapes with an added flavor of fresh, sweet peach and distinctive blue hue of curaco, Mashable report.

"We wanted to create something very special, excellent & unique that has not been created before, changing the color to a vibrant Blue...making it sweeter and easier to drink" they report on the site. We'll leave you to be the judge, but apparantly the Italians aren't happy about it.


Prosecco Shimmer

If you thought drinking a glass of fizz was glamorous enough, think again.  Now you can add an extra sparkling dimension to your tipple making it pink and shiny. Pop a Ball (here's the site) is the shimmer powder that immediately gives your glass a festive look.

Apparantly it also gives light notes of raspberries, and that's not all,  PopaBall also sells popable "bubbles" to put in your glass of wine/cocktail flavoured with cherry, blueberries, strawberry and lemon.  

If you like this, try the platinum margarita.


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