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5 Homemade Recipes For Italian Ice

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5 Homemade Recipes For Italian Ice
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A generous serving of homemade Italian ice may just be the best antidote to sweltering summer days. Known in Italy as granita, this world-famous icy concoction came to America from Sicily, where locals make it in a myriad of flavors. With these easy recipes for Italian ice you'll be able to replicate those Mediterranean flavors in your own kitchen. Here's what to make:

Coffee Granita

Cool off with this delicious  granita for coffee lovers (pictured above). It's made with espresso, vanilla and topped with Amaretto-flavored whipped cream.

Orange Granita with White Coffee Cream

This refreshing orange granita is spiked with Grand Marnier and served with a delicious coffee-infused whipped cream.

Lemon Granita

When you are in the mood for a classic Italian ice, try make this zesty lemon granita - all it takes is four ingredients.

Strawberry Granita

Put fresh summer berries to good use by making this tempting strawberry granita. The secret to this Italian ice? A splash of white wine and thick vanilla cream.

Lime-Vodka Granita

Bring the flavors of Italy to your next summer party with these adorable lime-vodka granita shooters.

Hungry for more? Search for hundreds of delicious recipes here.

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