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Italian Gnocchi, Versatile and Delicious

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Italian Gnocchi, Versatile and Delicious
Photo Cyclonebill/Flickr

If you are a lover of Italian foods, you may already be familiar with gnocchi. Perhaps you were seduced by gnocchi a la Romana during a trip to the Colosseum or fell head over heels for gnocchi with creamy gorgonzola during a ski trip to the Italian Alps.

Whatever your introduction to this delightful dish may have been, one thing is for sure: if you've ever had good quality gnocchi you'll always crave this Italian classic.  If you've had  gnocchi you weren't impressed with, there's still time to find a version you'll love...just keep reading.

Although it's made with potatoes and cooks like a dumpling, gnocchi is actually considered a pasta. It can be served with an array of sauces and takes on a multitude of flavors.

Gnocchi's versatility is beloved by chefs around the world who've taken it upon themselves to infuse it with countless flavors - from spinach to beets and everything in between.

Photo: Annalinda Ruocco/Flickr

People's interest in this Italian specialty is such that gnocchi and its many variations were recently profiled by the New York Times. This is a testament of how much Italian culture and foods are impacting palates around the world.

Here at FDL you'll find a classic recipe for potato gnocchi and an exclusive carrot gnocchi recipe by Australian chef Ryan Clift.

Just in case you don't have an Italian nonna on hand to show you how to make gnocchi from scratch, the video below will teach you a stellar recipe from Italy's famed Simili Sisters. Buon appetito!

WATCH: How To Make Italian Gnocchi With The Simili Sisters


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