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How To Order Food in Italy Using Hand Gestures (Video)

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How To Order Food in Italy Using Hand Gestures (Video)
Photo Screen capture via Youtube

Ever wish you could just take a crash course on Italian? It'd surely come in handy when ordering a cup of coffee or glass of wine in the Old Country. Well, here's a hilarious rap that'll teach you how to order food in Italy using hand gestures.

The video opens with an American guy traveling to U.S. Consulate in Milan. Apparently, he's had a bit of trouble communicating in Italy so he enlists the help of an Italian teacher to show him how to say things like "I am hungry," "drink some wine" and "get a coffee."

What ensues is a humorous ESL lesson like you've never seen before. If you need a good laugh and really want to learn how to order an espresso in Italy, take a look: 

Via Grub Street | US Consulate Milan

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