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Infographic: The Best Italian Cheese Pairings

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Infographic: The Best Italian Cheese Pairings
Photo paPisc/Flickr

Ricotta, buffalo mozzarella, pecorino, gorgonzola…You are probably familiar with these and other great Italian cheeses. But do you know what foods they pair well with? You’ll find some answers in this nifty infographic from S.Pellegrino so you'll be all set for your next wine and cheese party.  

The visual guide focuses on nine cheeses that have the prestigious D.O.P. distinction, which guarantees they were produced in their native terroir. Cheeses are categorized by types and there's a helpful icon indicating which animal milk they are made from. Some of the suggested food pairings may surprise you while others will be second nature. 

Among the treasures you’ll find the unique Canestrato Pugliese, a basket-shaped hard cheese made from sheep’s cheese milk. Canestrato Pugliese pairs well with grapes, oil-based pickles, honey and the famous bread of the Puglia region (located near the heel of Italy’s boot).

Another lesser known cheese is Provolone val Padano, a hard cheese made from cow’s milk that is heavenly when paired with alfalfa honey. Continue reading for more outstanding Italian cheese and food pairings. If you are still curious about cheese, check out this great article on the science of making cheese

Best Italian Cheese Pairings

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