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Italian Bread Recipes For Brunch

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Italian Bread Recipes For Brunch

Sunday brunch wouldn't be the same without bread. It's even better when a loaf of crusty fresh bread makes its way onto the table. Isn't it?

That's why we are sharing these simple but delightful Italian bread recipes that will knock your socks off. First comes the classic Italian loaf with its irrestistible golden crust and pillowy interior. If you have no idea how to make it, the video below will show you how.

Once you master making loaves, perhaps you'd work up the courage to taken on focaccia bread. Its trademark dimples make this olive oil-laden bread simply unforgettable.

Once you've learned the basic recipe you can try branching out to other varieties of focaccia like olive bread and focaccia with stuffed tomatoes.

Now it's time to find recipes to serve along with your freshly baked bread. Buon appetito! 

Watch: How To Make Traditional Italian Bread

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