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Italian Appetizer Recipes: Bruschetta and Crostini

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Italian Appetizer Recipes: Bruschetta and Crostini
Photo Alexandra Zakharova/Flickr

As wonderful as they are in their native land, bruschetta and crostini are greatly misrepresented in America. It's about time good cooks like yourself change that. Here are some recipes that will help you prepare these classic appetizers with an authentic Italian touch.

Most Americans are familiar with the classic bruschetta topped with tomatoes. This particular recipe for bruschetta features ripe tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil with a bit of good ol' bacon.

To make things a little more exciting you could serve this marsala-infused pigeon on bruschetta with chantrelles by chef Theo Randall.

When it comes to crostini, this recipe for Italian crostini with olives and pine nuts is superb. The saltiness of the olives combines exceptionally well with the sweetness of pine nuts for that extra oomph.

If you'd like an authentic Tuscan recipe try this chicken liver crostini from chef Aurora Baccheschi Berti. It's guaranteed to hit the spot.

As you can see from these recipes, making Italian appetizers doesn't have to be complicated at all. What matters most are the quality and freshness of the ingredients. For more great cooking tips, don't forget to swing by our Recipes section.

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