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100+ Drink Infusion Recipes on One Simple Infographic

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100+ Drink Infusion Recipes on One Simple Infographic

There’s lots of people getting into home infusions at the moment. It’s easy to do, fun and can give a whole new flavour to an existing product.

Infusing a drink might sound all science and complicated but it’s actually really simple to do. This infographic from Lockhart Catering Equipment aims to take some of the confusions out of infusion.

It focuses on alcoholic infusions and starts by listing six different drinks that will form the base of an infusion.

The useful part come in step two where the chart offers up some popular ingredients that pair well with different alcohol. For example, if you’re looking for an infused vodka recipe the chart quickly shows you that apple, basil, lemongrass and jalapeño will all infuse well with vodka, if you’ve gone for the gin perhaps you should infuse with lavender or rhubarb.

There’s 54 solid infusion ingredients list on the chart, a perfect place to start if you want to produce your own infusions at home.




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