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Infographic: The United States of Alcohol

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Infographic: The United States of Alcohol

Here's a cheeky map depicting the diversity of the United States according to people's choice of booze, state by state. So how does your home state rank?

If you live on the West Coast you won't be surprised to see most of the region dedicated to wine. The map makes three important distinctions: most of California has been renamed Vinland, Oregon is now the Principality of Pinot Noir (Oregon), and Washington has been rebranded the Cascadian Wine Kingdom.

Although beer is produced throughout the country you'll notice three big regions: the Coors Ice Cold Kingdom, the Bud Republic and the Lone Shiner Republic (can you guess the corresponding states?). Most of Florida is the Federation of Retired White Zinfandel with the notable exception of Key West, aka Republic of Margaritaville.

Then there's the East Coast, which is split between craft beers, wine and distilled spirits. Take a look below to find out where your state ranks. Do you agree with the regions? 


Via Vinepair

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