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83 Ingredients to Put the Power Back into Your Pantry

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83 Ingredients to Put the Power Back into Your Pantry
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Most of us have good intentions about cooking at home but can often come unstuck when it comes to staring into an understocked pantry, or put off after opening a forgotten furry sauce lurking at the back of the cupboard.

If you find you have stopped cooking at home so often you're not alone. Research has proven that less than 60% of dinners were cooked at home in the USA last year according to the Washington Post

So what's stopping us? If it's the understocked pantry, what exactly does it take to fix it?

Fortunately have come to the rescue with their food infographic detailing the ‘pantry essentials’ to ‘make healthy home cooking’ a habit.

By taking a look closer to home and fixing up our pantrys with the staples it need no longer be an excuse but an inspiration.

So what exactly are the basic ingredients we should be stocking up to give ourselves a chance at home? have thought of everything from dry goods, herbs, seasoning and spices, oils nuts and seeds, liquid condiments, canned and jarred goods, to root cellar vegetables and just how long you should keep each of them.

Take a look and see how well stocked up you are on the pantry essentials, and open up a new world of cooking at home that includes being inspired by a fully stocked pantry.

Check in with the 'mother of American food' Alice Waters and her cookbook 'My Pantry' to understand how a pro manages her pantry.


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