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Infographic: What Kitchen Appliance Should You Use?

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Infographic: What Kitchen Appliance Should You Use?

Should hummus be mixed in a blender or food processor? What stand mixer attachment should you use to make buttercream? Is a stick blender better for pureeing soup than a standard blender?

If you are an avid cook chances are you have plenty of kitchen appliances at your disposal but sometimes it's hard to figure out which tool is best for the job at hand. Enter this nifty infographic which gives you the lowdown on what to use to make all of your favorite dishes.

Whipping up pesto? Trust your food processor. Making vinaigrette? Your best bet is a blender. Need to make pizza dough? Use your stand mixer and a dough hook. Take a look below to learn what kitchen appliances and attachments are ideal for different tasks (click on the image to enlarge):

“Which Kitchen Appliance Should You Use?

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