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16 Types of Italian Honey You Need To Try

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16 Types of Italian Honey You Need To Try
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Although Italy is famous for its great wine, fine foods and fashion, there are still a few treasures to discover in this beautiful Mediterranean country. One of those gems is artisan honey produced in various microclimates. This nifty infographic from S.Pellegrino will help you navigate this sweet world.

First up are the D.O.P. Italian honey varieties which have carry a seal designating they were produced in a specific terroir. Some great varieties to sample include D.O.P. honey from Sardinia, the Dolomites and the province of Varese in Lombardy.

Then there are the other great honeys produced in the country: acacia, chestnut, eucalyptus, dandelion and linden to name a few. These all have healing properties that could help invigorate you. Find out more in the infographic below:

Italian Honey

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