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Infographic: The Flavor Bases For 8 World Cuisines

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Infographic: The Flavor Bases For 8 World Cuisines

Want to know the secret to making great food? It's all about the aromatics. We're talking onions, garlic, peppers, spices - the ingredients that become the flavor base of many dishes around the world.

Of course, flavor bases depend on regional culinary traditions and that's why we're mad about this infographic which highlights the aromatics used in different world cuisines. You'll find the French mirepoix, the Italian soffritto (not to be confused with the Latin sofrito) and the Cajun trinity, along with the flavor bases for Chinese, Indian, Thai and Middle Eastern food.

What's great about this visual guide is that it breaks down the essential aromatics along with the fats and additional ingredients that complement each world cuisine. For instance, the ginger-garlic base of Indian food can be supplemented with tomatoes and spices like cardamom, cumin and turmeric.

Take a look below and start mastering your favorite world cuisine today:


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