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Infographic: 34 Must-Try Filipino Street Foods

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Infographic: 34 Must-Try Filipino Street Foods

Filipino food isn't as famous as Thai or Vietnamese cuisine yet but experts predict the tide will turn in its favor this year. Why wouldn't it? The Philippines offers diners exciting flavor combinations, an abundance of tropical fruits and seafood dishes galore - never mind the amazing selection of street food.

Perhaps the best way to venture into this new territory is to familiarize yourself with Filipino street food, which features everything from skewered meats with whimsical names like Adidas and Helmet to yummy deserts like Halo-Halo (shaved ice topped with fruit and condensed milk) and Taho (a soft tofu and tapioca pudding).

Take a look below at this infographic from Gourmet Society and start discovering the Filipino street foods you may soon see at a food truck near you:


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