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Spicy and Delicious: 5 Indian Main Courses

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Spicy and Delicious: 5 Indian Main Courses
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If you love spicy food, you must try making these five Indian main courses. Each recipe has its own unique set of spices that make these dishes simple irresistible. We've got an assortment of recipes to please everyone at the table - including vegetarians, picky eaters and meat lovers. Enjoy!

Gobi Matar

This is a fragrant cauliflower and pea dish that's perfect for vegetarians. Serve it alongside salted yogurt for a nice touch. For added spice, feel free to add some chilies to the cooking pot.

Chicken Tikka Patties

A fun twist on the classic chicken tikka masala, these chicken patties are a great treat. Accompany this Indian main course with a mint-yogurt sauce and watch it disappear from the table.

Shrimp Curry with Rice

You'll find dishes like this shrimp curry all around India's coastline. This particular recipe is laced with coconut milk and spices for an irresistible meal.

Tarka Dal

Lentils are beloved across India by vegetarians and meat eaters alike. This easy recipe will help you make the tastiest lentils of your life. Be sure to serve it with plenty of rice and/or flatbreads.

Indian Pork Curry

It's a little known fact that some Indians eat pork, especially those living in Goa, where the Portugese once settled. This dish is a homage to that culture.

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