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7 Iconic Dishes from Grant Achatz

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7 Iconic Dishes from Grant Achatz

Grant Achatz is one of the world’s most exciting chefs and his Alinea restaurant in Chicago is one of the most influential restaurants in America right now.

His creative brand of modern gastronomy has produced some of the most talked about dishes of the last 10 years and with this in mind we wanted to look back at some of the chef’s most iconic creations.

From desserts plated directly on the table to the mastery of ingredients in dishes such as Lamb 86 and the pure delicious blast of creations like potato parmesan explosion, these are some of our favourite creation from the chef.

Table Dessert

Perhaps one of Achatz’s most iconic dishes, it’s gone through a number of iterations and is now created to music on specifically designed artistic canvases. Still one of the most impressive plating styles ever.

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Achatz loves to play with familiar and nostalgia in his dishes, perhaps some of the most powerful flavouring around, and Peanut Butter and Jelly deconstructed is a great example of this.

A single grape, still on its stem, dipped in peanut puree and wrapped inside a fluffy brioche.

Apple Balloons

The apple balloons are delicious and lots of fun. This is because these apple flavoured, edible balloons are filled with helium.

Salad Centrepiece

Wild presentation idea to serve a salad still growing in its mud right at the centre of the table. Here’s a video for more on this one.

Potato Truffle Explosion

This is one of Achatz’s signature dish and something he also served at his Trio restaurant before Alinea even opened. It’s a ravioli packed with truffle sauce that’s so intense it sends shivers down the spine.

Clear Pumpkin Pie

It was only released this year but the clear pumpkin pie at Alinea became an instant icon, videos and images of the dessert went viral and everyone wondered just how it’s done.

Lamb 86

A dish that truly shows the lengths the chef and his crew are willing to go to in delivering delicious flavours in surprising ways. A dish of lamb, cooked three ways, served with 86 accompanying flavours that each pair with the lamb.

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