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5 Weird and Wonderful Ice Pop Recipes

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5 Weird and Wonderful Ice Pop Recipes
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Popsicle, freeze pop, ice lolly, ice block, icy pole, chihiro, whatever you call these water based frozen snacks, nothing beats the fresh from the freezer icy notes of an ice pop on a hot summer's day.

Ice pops also make for a good alternative to ice cream when you want a lighter refreshing snack plus there are a multitude of ice pop recipes to choose from so you'll still get your flavour fix.

Buying healthy ice pops or in more sophisticated flavours is challenging. So why not have a go at home yourself, choosing your very own flavours suited to the occasion.

We have five ice pop recipes shown below, from avocado and lime perfect for serving on ice after a BBQ to edible flower ice pops for a special occasion. Whichever one you choose they're all unusual and some, like sweetcorn, arguably weird but surprisingly good. Have a look and see which flavours tempt you.

Healthy Avocado and Lime Ice Pops

Avocados and ice pops are not a combination that usually springs to mind but Nicole has convinces us that they are a winning combination in her blog Conventionrd.

Frozen Yoghurt and Peach Ice Pops

Frozen yoghurt, honey and peaches these elegant and fragrant ice pops are perfect for summer's day dessert.

Edible Flower Ice Pops

Popsicles containing real edible flowers will put a smile on most people's faces. Marla Meredith has the full recipe.

Mexican Rice Pudding Ice Pops

These are not your regular ice pop and could prove quite a talking point with the unusual ingredients used.  Jasmine rice, condensed milk, nutmeg, cinammon and raisins combine to create some fragrant, warm flavours. Try serving them after a Mexican themed meal.

Sweet Corn Ice Pops

Showcasing corn, these ice pops are another nice, if unusual, way to put this diverse vegetable to good use this summer.

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