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Ice Cream Ramen: Noodle Soup for a Sweet Tooth

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Ice Cream Ramen: Noodle Soup for a Sweet Tooth
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This is news that is sure to offend and excite in equal measure: ice cream ramen is actually a thing now.

Devised by New York’s The Dessert Kitchen, an ice cream parlour with Asian influences, the aquamarine ‘noodles’ are made from Kanten, a Japanese jelly made from algae and sit in a ‘soup’ of condensed milk and ice, with various additions such as fruit and mochi. There's also a vegan version with coconut milk.


The “Ice Stream," as it's known, is starting to attract some serious attention on Instagram and it surely won’t be long before it’s a full on trend. You can add this then to the various ice cream–related trends to emerge this year, including fairy floss, Taiyaki and coffee in a cone. And, in a kind-of-related, but worth mentioning again news, how about this meat popsicle?

However, we’d much rather wait in line from 6am for the real thing at Tokyo's Tsuta, the world’s only Michelin Star ramen shop, which is set to open a second location in Singapore very soon.

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What's it like to run a ramen shop in Japan?

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