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8 Hybrid Foods Explained

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8 Hybrid Foods Explained

Ever since cronut mania rolled in and out of town, the world of hybrids has never looked the same - the cronut led hundreds of food trucks, markets stalls, restaurants and bakeries to quickly make their very own cuisine crossovers, some more successful than others.

There was the Ramen Noddle Burger which drew two hour long queues at the Smorgasburg Food Fair in Brooklyn - no one can forget the cronut lines, all leading to the cragal and the duffin - it sounds crazy but 2014 really is the year of the hybrid.

The infographic below, created by Tower Housewares, looks at some of the most popular hybrids of the past years with a breakdown of exactly how each one of them is made.

From the pizza burger - yes a cross between a pizza and a burger, to the Wonut - that’s a doughnut and a waffle.

Enjoy and if you're daring enough to try, here's a recipe for a Ramen Noodle Burger. 



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