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5 Minute Hummus With Michael Solomonov

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5 Minute Hummus With Michael Solomonov
Photo Michael Persico

Michael Solomonov's hummus is legendary. And easy to make. So easy, infact, that the Israeli chef from Zahav proves it in this video recipe, whizzing up a mean hummus in five minutes flat and quite literally one handed.

The recipe comes from his book "Israeli soul" and it'll blow your supermarket hummus out of the water. You'll probably wonder why haven't made it at home like this already. 

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Hummus comes in many shapes and forms, depending in which country you're in, but the core ingredients are usually the same; chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice and garlic, in varying quantities. Solomonov describes his as being all about the tahina (like an Israeli mother sauce) and chickpeas with a good dose of cumin. He also adds iced water which might be the secret ingredient.

Despite working with one hand taped to his head, the award winning Israeli chef is able to deliver a thick creamy hummus ahead of time, convincing us just how easy it is.

All you'll need to get started are a blender (which also means very little washing up) and the following ingredients; canned chickpeas, fresh lemon juice, garlic, iced water, tahini, salt, olive oil, parsley and cumin.

Learn how to make it hummus like Michael Solomonov, who also holds the title of the James Beard Foundation outstanding restaurant for his Philadelpia restaurant, in this neat clip below:

If you're making meze, how about whipping up some smokey baba ganoush?

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