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Watch How Tuscan Olive Oil Is Made

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Watch How Tuscan Olive Oil Is Made
Photo Frescobaldi/Vimeo

Have you ever wondered how Tuscan olive oil is made? This video from acclaimed Tuscan olive oil and wine producer Frescobaldi will show you just how this magical elixir is produced.

Frescobaldi uses olives that are hand picked and pressed in a stone mill the same day they are harvested. The company's exclusive Laudemio brand is made from Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino olives which lend a bright green hue and an essense of artichoke and fresh mown grass. The result is a high-quality olive oil prized by connoisseurs for its spicy flavor.

Tuscan olive oil is essential in regional dishes like panzanella and ribollita soup, which are even more wonderful when paired with robust Tuscan wines.

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