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5 Popular Edible Flowers and How To Use Them

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5 Popular Edible Flowers and How To Use Them

Edible flowers are great way of adding color, style and extra flavor to your dishes. However, knowing just how to use edible flowers can be a little tricky.

In order to take the guess work out of cooking with edible flowers we’ve put together a quick guide of some of the most well known flowers that are great in the kitchen. Take a look:



A rose by any other name is still a sweet and aromatic flower perfect for cooking. Rose petals can be turned into jam and used in desserts and savoury dishes.

For instance, legendary Italian artist Leonardo Da Vinci liked to blend rose water with lemon and honey.

Famous Italian chef Moreno Cedroni takes the savoury route and pairs sous vide salt cod with jerusalem artichokes in a rose broth. Here's the full recipe.


The use of violets in cooking has been around for centuries. This demure edible flower pairs well with lemon and makes a beautiful garnish for cupcakes.

Try this recipe for gluten-free cupcakes topped with crystallized violets.


Did you know lilacs come from the same family as the olive tree? That being said this highly aromatic flower is a great way to flavour baked goods and treats like ice cream, sorbet and gelato.

You can also try making this lilac cordial known in Sweden as syrenersaft.

Zucchini Blossoms

These are only available when zucchini is freshly picked so your best bet is to hit the farmers market early in the morning.

Because of their large size zucchini blossoms practically beg to be stuffed. Take a cue from the Italians and stuff zucchini blossoms with cheese and steam them or dip in a batter and fry until golden. Heavenly!

Butterfly Pea Flower

This Asian blossom is prized for its vibrant blue hue and neutral flavour.

Most recently, dried butterfly pea flowers have been a hit in cocktails because they turn violet when combined with acidic ingredients like lemon. It’s a fun way to jazz up ice cubes too.

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