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Sure You Know How To Use A Whisk? Find Out

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Sure You Know How To Use A Whisk? Find Out
Photo JFXie/Flickr

Have you ever given much thought to how you use a whisk? This humble kitchen utensil works wonders for whipping cream, mixing pancake batter and performing countless other tasks. But did you know there's a special technique that'll help you get the most out of your whisk?

In this video from America's Test Kitchen, senior editor of Cook's Illustrated Don Souza will blow your mind with tips on the best ways to use a whisk. He examined three particular motions: stirring, beating and side-to-side motions. Each hand motion was used for making vinaigrette, whipping cream and beating egg whites.

By using a timer, Souza was able to determine which motion produced a better result in the shortest amount of time. Surprisingly, the overall winner is the side-to-side motion and it's mainly due to a dynamic called shear force. Find out what it's all about and how to whisk like a pro: 

Via America's Test Kitchen

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