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How To Use A Home Brewing Beer Kit

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How To Use A Home Brewing Beer Kit
Photo Sarah Postma/Serious Eats

If one of your resolutions for the new year is to venture into brewing your own beer (or if you're just curious about the process), you can't miss this simple guide from the folks at Serious Eats.

Kudos to Jonathan Moxey for demystifying the homebrewing process and condensing it into seven straight forward steps/tips:

  1. Start Simple
  2. Clean and Sanitize
  3. Chill Fast
  4. Aerate the Wort
  5. Pitch Enough Yeast
  6. Control the Fermentation Temperature
  7. Takes Notes. Read. Share

Of course, you can't learn everything just by reading these seven steps - we've listed them only for your convenience. To get the nitty gritty on home brewing, check out the Serious Eats blog.

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