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How to Thicken Soup: 5 Simple Tips

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How to Thicken Soup: 5 Simple Tips

It's cold outside and you've dreamed of a thick and hearty soup to warm you up from the inside, except what you've ended up with is a sorry thin, broth-like paler version of your former favourite.

What do you do? Fine Dining Lovers tells you how to thicken soup with five easy tips.

1 - Corn Starch

It's quite possible to thicken soup by adding a little cornstarch. Tip: Add it to a cold soup and mix well to avoid lumps.

2 - Bechamel Sauce

How to thicken a soup quickly? Add some bechamel sauce. For this, mix a little wheat flour, melted butter and milk before adding it to your soup.

Learn how to make a bechamel?

3 - Potato Starch

Another top tip to thicken soup: mix a tablespoon of potato starch and 10cl of water, then pour it into your soup and mix again.

4 - Tapioca

To thicken a soup in a few minutes, you can also cook tapioca for 15 minutes and then add it to the soup.

5 - Pulses

You can even add consistency to soup by adding in pulses, like green lentils or red lentils.

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