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How To Teach Kids Restaurant Manners

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How To Teach Kids Restaurant Manners
Photo Tetra Pak/Flickr

Many fine dining establishments frown upon bringing children into the restaurant. However, that doesn't mean there aren't dining options available for your little ones. For those times when you'd like to dine out as a family, here are some tips for teaching children how to observe their manners at a restaurant.

This handy infographic from Visually has great advice for parents and children. One of the key things you can do for your children is train them at a young age. You can start them off as early as 2 years of age by teaching them things like "please'' and ''thank you."

Chewing with your mouth closed and eating with a fork are two basic rules of dining that kids should be taught on a daily basis. By observing these manners at home it'll be easier to dine with children at a restaurant. 

Another great piece of advice is to tell your child where you are headed, inform them of the name of the restaurant  and what behavior is expected while dining. After putting this advice into practice dining with children at restaurants should be easier.

Restaurant Dining Manners to Kids
Via Visually.
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