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Ice Cream Tips: How to Recognize the Perfect Ice Cream

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Ice Cream Tips: How to Recognize the Perfect Ice Cream
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Tasting is not just wine: here are some tips to find the best ice cream.

Appearance: the color of the ice cream must be close to that of its base ingredient. If it’s too pale it might be old; if the color is to vivid it might have had colorings added to it. Attention must be paid to the ice crystals: if present, they indicate that it has been preserved poorly.

Aroma: the fact that ice cream is frozen means that we cannot perceive its aroma.

Consistency: if the ice cream maker uses too much force when packing the ice cream, this will show it is too dense. It might be too cold (the optimum temperature is around -13°C), or it might contain an insufficient quantity of air. On the other hand, neither should it be too soft or light.

Taste: as the ice cream melts in the mouth, its flavor should become apparent. There must be a perfect balance between sweetness, flavor, acidity and fat content. If the ice cream is of high quality, its taste will be persistent and will linger in the mouth for 20 to 30 seconds after it is swallowed.

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