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Learn How To Taste Cognac Like A Boss

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Learn How To Taste Cognac Like A Boss

There is an art to tasting cognac and you'll be surprised to know you can do it all in three easy steps. It is all outlined in this nifty infographic dedicated to cognac degustation.

Learning how to taste cognac begins by choosing the proper glassware. Experts recommend a tulip-shaped glass which allows the cognac to retain its delicate aroma and release it slowly. Be careful not to pour too much, as you'll only need about an ounce of cognac in the glass.

Just like wine, you'll want to swirl cognac in the glass to aerate it. You'll need to observe its color and inhale its bouquet before taking your first sip. Take a look below to learn more about how to taste cognac then head over here to find out how it is made.


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