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59 Foods and How to Store Them Correctly

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59 Foods and How to Store Them Correctly

Where to store and how to store food are two of the most important questions to answer when trying to get the longest possible life and freshness from the ingredients in your kitchen.

That’s why this inforgraphic from BuzzFeed on how to store food comes in so handy. It lists nearly 60 different ingredients and offers up basic advice on where to store, how to store and just how long each ingredient will stay fresh.

From fruits and vegetables to bacon, eggs, cheese and bread - this chart will tell you if things need to go in the fridge, a dark pantry, a shelf in the fridge or if they should just live out their life on the countertop.

If you really want to learn how to store food in your home this is the perfect starting point, we also have this great infographic on how to maintain your fridge.



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