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How To Sous Vide A Whole Chicken (Video)

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How To Sous Vide A Whole Chicken (Video)
Photo Chefsteps/Youtube

If you've ever watched a cooking video from the team at Chefsteps, you don't need us to tell you those chefs are practically magicians. Their modern culinary techniques never fail to amaze us. Thus, we couldn't help but share their latest video on how to sous vide a whole chicken.

Putting a whole bird in a bag and cooking a chicken sous vide sounds more complicated than it is. The trick is make a very flavorful broth in which your bird with poach in for hours.

The hardest part of this recipe will be waiting the six hours for your chicken to be ready. While it sounds unbelivable, this recipe yields tender meat beyond anything you'll ever be able to achieve in an oven - although you may miss the crispy skin. If that's the case simply run it under the broiler for a few minutes until the skin gets crisp and golden.

Ready for a chicken sous vide adventure? Watch the video below and give a mental thank you to the talented team at Chefsteps for sharing their culinary secrets.

WATCH: How To Sous Vide A Whole Chicken

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