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How To Shuck Oysters With Sous Vide

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How To Shuck Oysters With Sous Vide
Photo Chefsteps/Youtube

Shucking oysters is a challenging task. A slip of the finger and you can end up with a nasty cut. Some time ago, we showed you how to shuck an oyster safely. Now, there's even more help on the way from Chefsteps online cooking school.

The team at Chefsteps has put together an great video on how to firm oysters using sous vide. Apparently, firming oysters helps loosen their abductor muscle so you can release the luscious mollusk with ease.

No worries, processing the oysters in sous vide won't cook them because they are summerged for a short period of time. They'll just be slightly plumper and look almost identical to fresh oysters. Skeptical? Check out the video and see for yourself.

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