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Chef Knives: How to Store, Clean and Sharpen

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Chef Knives: How to Store, Clean and Sharpen

We love it when the team at ChefSteps decide to tackle a big topic. Their extensive tutorials always get to the crux of a matter and their latest set of free classes on knife sharpening are no different.

Lesson Breakdown on How to Sharpen Kitchen Knives. 

The tutorial includes 14 different HD videos on the matter of how to sharpen kitchen knives, how to store knives and how to clean and maintain them. 

It starts with a great infographic which we’ve placed below. It sets you properly for the lessons that follow as it breaks down a number of different styles of knives with some tips on terminology that you may not be familiar with such as bolster, bevels and tang.

If you’re looking to buy a chefs knife and you’re not quite sure which one, this guide will also breakdown exactly what you should be looking for when you buy one.

How to Sharpen Kitchen Knives Walkthrough - Part 1. 

It’s yet another wonderful guide from ChefSteps that will have your kitchen knives sharp, in top condition and ready for action at any time. Guides like honing and sharpening all feature videos or step-by-step picture guides that show you exactly how to perform the techniques they mention.

If you’re new in the kitchen or you’ve been there a while and started to neglect your most important tool, this is a perfect place to start. You can enroll for free here. 

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