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How To Set The Table on Thanksgiving

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How To Set The Table on Thanksgiving
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With all the rush of getting things ready for your big Thanksgiving feast you may overlook an essential part of your holiday dinner: how to set the table properly. Do forks go to the right or left of the plate? What about dessert plates and spoons?

There's no need to panic. With this handy infographic from Adirondack Authority, you'll be able to get things just right regardless of whether you are throwing a basic, informal or formal gathering. No more confusion about where to place your water and wine glasses!

As a bonus, you'll learn tips and tricks for making a fancy turkey napkin - feathers and all. Round out your Thanksgiving dinner with amazing food and you'll be all set for a wonderful evening of family fun.

Need help with your Thanksgiving turkey? Here's how to roast a bird and carve it like a pro.

Thanksgiving Etiquette
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