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Infographic: How To Serve Spirits Like A Boss

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Infographic: How To Serve Spirits Like A Boss
Photo Didriks/Flickr

Call it the Mad Men influence but the world of spirits has gained a lot of attention in recent years. That's why the timing of this clever infographic on the art of serving spirits couldn't be better.

With this visual guide from S.Pellegrino you'll learn how to serve everything from cognac, whisky and brandy to Latin favorites like aguardiente and pisco. The infographic includes information on which glass to use, proper serving temperatures and whether or not ice should be in the picture.

What makes this infographic even more helpful is that it classifies spirits according to their ingredients. For instance, it makes a clear distinction between vodka made from grain or potatoes and flavored vodka (which, by the way, would be served in completely different glasses). Take a look below to learn more (click on the image to enlarge):

Spirits and Water


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