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How to Select the Best Meat

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How to Select the Best Meat

We speak a lot about how to cook great steak at FDL HQ but not so much on how you should select the right meat when you’re in the butchers.

In this video from ChefSteps the team set about explaining how to buy meat and make sure you get the best possible cut for the recipe you want to make. 

They go through brisket, braising meats, legs and steaks with some top tips on each one, explaining exactly what you should be looking for when selecting your cut. 

As with all food, the more information you have the better you’ll understand what to buy and exactly what to use it for. This video offers a good start and make sure you hit up ChefSteps for tips on how to cook the meat you decide to buy.  

Here's some extra tips by FineDiningLovers on buying meat. 
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