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Food Words We've All Been Saying Wrong

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Food Words We've All Been Saying Wrong

There are those few food and drink words that people always seem to struggle to pronounce. Wines often cause problems, merlot and shiraz, both easily caught on the tongue as the mind tries to desperately catch up, trying to remember exactly how the words are said - especially difficult after drinking a few glasses.  

Quinoa, an ingredient that's gaining so much popularity it's supply is threatened. But how do you say it? Kin-Oy, Kuin-Oy... it's actually - keen-wah.

This list from Pop Sugar sets out to explain a number of common food and drink words and how they are pronounced. How to say tagine? Should be said phonetically as tah-zheen and basil often mispronounced is bay-zihl.

The list goes through a whole group of tough to pronounce food and drink words and is a great resource for checking up on whether you've been saying any words wrong all along.

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    Some pronunciations are culturally different, and therefore not necessarily incorrect. Basil = baa-zil in the UK, whereas American's say bay-zil. The Greek word is va zil i kos, which is probably closest to the Brit's take on it. More UK v US: vit-a-min and vite-a-min, herb and 'erb. Sometimes words are just wrong, but well established, like fi-let in the UK and fi-lay in the US (and France, which is presumably the origin of the word). In this case, it's worthwhile just using the local mis-pronunciation. A man's gotta eat!

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