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22 Food Words and Exactly How to Say Them

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22 Food Words and Exactly How to Say Them

Pronouncing words correctly is something we get right all the time, that is until those rare occasions when you hit a word you really don’t know. It doesn’t matter how many millions of words you say correctly, getting them wrong does happen and more often than not it happens when you’re speaking about food. We've already looked at some tricky French and German food words.

Whether it’s a foreign food or an exotic ingredient you’re just not used to saying, nothing makes you feel more stupid than realising you’ve been saying Foy Gras instead of Fwah Gras when trying to comment on your foie gras.

With this in min the illustrator Chris Ritter produced these wonderful drawings for Buzzfeed of foods with the exact phonetic pronunciation printed on top.

Anise, beignet, cognac and nicoise salad are all included in this list of 22 different food words and how to say them.

[via Buzzfeed]

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