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Stop Saying These Asian Food Words Wrong

By FDL on

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Stop Saying These Asian Food Words Wrong

Zagat have been at it again showing us all how to pronounce food words correctly. They’ve already covered French and Mediterranean food words and now they’re focusing their attention on Asian cuisine.

The video below shows Zagat heading out to the streets to test how people pronounce common Asian food words with some funny results.

Nigiri, Tsukune, Kara Age, Pho and Xiao Long Bao are all tested with most people, unsurprisingly, getting the answers very wrong indeed. The video explains the correct way and what each dish, though the definition of Nigiri seems to sound more like Shashimi - perhaps it was edited. 

It’s amazing how many foods we know, eat regularly and really enjoy but yet we don’t know the correct way to say them.

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