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Top Tip: How to Rescue Over Sweetened Desserts

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Top Tip: How to Rescue Over Sweetened Desserts

If you've ever miscalculated the sweetness of your dessert recipe or been heavy handed on the sugar, don't worry, all is not lost if you're still in the preparation phase.

Instead of scrapping your sweet and starting again there's a simple insider trick that'll save you time and money, and get you back on track to that perfect dessert.

How to Rescue an Oversweetened Dessert

Thanks to a top tip from the famous and seasoned professional pastry chef Philippe Conticini, we have been enlightened.

All it takes to downplay the sweetness in the mix is - roll of drums - a drop of white wine vinegar.

While Conticini doesn't advocate adding an entire bottle, which would risks matters getting much worse, you do have to go in blind.

Start by pouring a drop into your dough, taste and repeat, go drop by drop until you feel the damage has been repaired.

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