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How to Make Your Own Raindrop Cake

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How to Make Your Own Raindrop Cake

The water cake, aka raindrop cake, has been causing quite a stir in New York in the past few weeks after a stall owner at Smorgasburg market started selling the treat. The dish is originally from Japan and is made using water mixed with agar agar. The finished texture of the raindrop cake is a lot like jello but with even more wobble - some have said it looks like a silicon breast implant, something we really don’t suggest you try to eat.

While New Yorkers go crazy for the almost zero calorie dessert, we decided to look at how raindrop cake is actually made and we found an interesting video.

The recipe shows you how to make a raindrop cake with fruit encased inside, in this case it’s a strawberry but we’re willing to bet you could do a range of different cakes containing a selection of fruits. The thing you’ll notice is just how easy the cake is to make: it takes very basic techniques and just a few ingredients. The hardest thing for most will be getting their hands on some agar agar but that’s not so difficult.

Take a look at the recipe below and have fun making your own raindrop cake at home. Be sure to watch the video that explains how the original is made.

How to make raindrop cake (water cake)

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