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Learn How To Preserve Lemons With Salt (And Nothing Else)

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Learn How To Preserve Lemons With Salt (And Nothing Else)

Wondering how to preserve lemons? We've got you covered!

Aside from extending their shelf life, preserving lemons is a great way of adding another dimension of flavor to the zesty citrus fruit. When fresh, lemons are tart. But when preserved they gain tanginess and zing.

So how can you transform fresh lemons into a preserved delicacy? Let Fine Dining Lovers guide you step by step teaching you how to preserve lemons.

How To Preserve Lemons: Things To Know

In order to preserve lemons, you will be using the drying method. This will involve covering the lemons in salt, which will draw out their moisture. This evaporation concentrates flavor in the essential oils found in the lemon skin.

How to Preserve Lemons in 4 Easy Steps

All you need for preserving lemons is salt and a sterilized jar. Use the smallest lemons you can find. Wash and scrub them well. Allow to dry.

Step 1

image via Uwe Hermann/Flickr

Prepare your lemons by cutting off the ends. Score the lemons with an X. To  do this, slice them in half crosswise, but don’t let the knife cut all the way through the bottom skin (see the picture above). Now slice them lengthwise, remembering to not cut all the way to the bottom. Open them up and sprinkle salt generous over them, inside and out.

Step 2

Sprinkle just enough salt in the jar until the bottom is covered. Place one layer of lemons and sprinkle generously with salt. Press down on the lemons as you place a new layer.

Step 3

You will repeat this process until you have filled the jar. Before sealing the jar, make sure the lemons are covered in their own juice. You can squeeze more fresh lemon juice on them. Finish by sprinkling more salt on top.

Step 4

Keep the sealed jar at room temperature for a few days. Then refrigerate for three weeks.


Once preserved, the lemons will keep in the refrigerator for six months. Rinse the preserved lemons in water before using.

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