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How To Preserve Cherries in Syrup

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How To Preserve Cherries in Syrup

In the summer season, cherries abound on the tables and it is always useful to know how to best preserve them. Preserving cherries in syrup is a great way to make sure this precious fruit is available all year.

Perfect for flavoring ice creams and yogurt, ideal for garnishing sweets and smoothies, excellent for seasoning waffles and pancakes, cherries preserved in syrup are surprisingly simple to make even if the process is a little long.

Let's take a look at what is involved in making candied cherries in syrup:


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For this recipe, all you need to preserve cherries in syrup are two ingredients: fresh cherries and sugar. When cooked at the right temperature and for the correct amount of time these two simple ingredients combine to produce the most decadent candied cherries.

Depending on your taste, your preserved cherries may be infused with the flavor of cinnamon, star anise or even orange zest. Simply add the desired spices to the syrup as it cooks. 

One final note: it is essential to pay close attention to the hermetic sealing of the jars so that everything is properly sterilized.

Now, onto the recipe you've been waiting. Click here for the step-by-step recipe for preserving cherries in syrup.

Desserts with Preserved Cherries

After you learn how to preserve cherries in syrup you've got to put those skills to good use. A wonderful way to incorporate them into your baking is to whip up an ultra decadent Black Forest cake  (pictured above).

Or try making a smaller, more portable version of the cake by making Black Forest cupcakes.

Another must-try dessert are zeppole, an Italian fritter similar to a doughnut. It is filled with cream and topped with a vibrant preserved cherry on top. Here is the recipe and the history behind this legendary Italian treat.

Why not use those gorgeous candied cherries atop vanilla buttermilk cupcakes? A dessert that will delight both adults and children.

Preserved cherries in syrup also make the perfect garnish for a tropical coconut flan

Cherries preserved in syrup are a wonderful topping for kaiserschmarrn, an Austrian-style pancake, but you could use it on ordinary pancakes or waffles, too.

Hungry for more?

Check out this complete guide to preserving cherries plus tips on how to pit cherries with or without a pitter.

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