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How to Buy and Prepare Mushrooms

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How to Buy and Prepare Mushrooms

Mushrooms come in all shapes and sizes, with a spectrum of flavours from sweet, to nutty, to earthy. But do you know your oyster from your chanterelles, what to look for when buying them and how to prepare mushrooms? Did you know that you almost definitely can’t overcook a mushroom?

In the Gordon Ramsay video below, greengrocer and all round mushroom expert Fred Foster of Borough Market, London talks us through various types of mushroom, what to look for when buying them and the dos and don'ts of preparing them.

He also buries his nose deep in a jar full of truffles.

These are Foster’s top tips for how to buy and prepare mushrooms:

– Buy them when they’re fresh, as they start to lose moisture as soon as they’re picked.

– Use your eyes, rather than your nose.

– Clean wild mushrooms with a soft brush, but never water, as the mushroom will begin to deteriorate very quickly.

– Never cut an oyster mushroom, always tear it. You can tell how fresh it is by the vibrancy of the colour of its gills.

Take a trip inside a mushroom farm in Pennsylvania

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