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How To Prepare Leeks for Soup

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How To Prepare Leeks for Soup
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If you like the taste of onions but find them a bit too pungent try cooking with leeks instead. Leeks are a relative of onions and garlic and although they look like giant scallions their flavor is much milder.

Native to the Mediterranean, leeks offer not only a world of flavor but they rich in vitamin A and K. Leeks also possess compounds that may improve eye health and may even prevent cancer, according to this medical study.

Sautéed leeks make a great base for egg dishes and braises but they are especially delicious in soups. Just follow these tips for how to prepare leeks for soup:

  • wash the leeks under running water
  • trim off the dark green leafy tops and the roots
  • slice the leeks in half and cut into thin slices
  • place the leeks in a bowl of cold water 
  • swirl the leeks and allow the grit to fall to the bottom of the bowl
  • remove the leeks and place in a colander to drain

Then follow this easy recipe for cream of leek and potato soup with caramelized saffron.

Video: How To Prepare Leeks for Soup

Watch helpful video on how to prepare leeks for soup from Youtuber Clean & Delicious:


7 Ways To Cook With Leeks

If you are looking for more creative ways to cook with leeks give these recipes a try - you'll find everything from savory crepes and quiche to ceviche and roasted lamb.

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