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How to Prepare Fruit and Vegetables

By FDL on

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How to Prepare Fruit and Vegetables

How to peel, prepare, cut and present vegetables seems like a really simple kitchen task but it's amazing how many people get it wrong. For almost every vegetable there's a few little tips and tricks that make slicing and dicing them so much easier.

That's why we really like this post from the team over at The Kitchn - they've tackled the issue head on and literally dissected hundreds of vegetables to bring you some great tips on how to peel, cut, core and dice a number of different fruit and veg items. 

It's one of those great collections of really useful information and one that's sure to teach you a thing or two.

We hope you enjoy today's Best of The Blogs, together with FDL's how-to videos about vegetable cut's techniques: Julienne, concassé, dice...

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